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Diagnostic Statistic Manual Needs A New Presciption To Describe What Tunnel Vision Obsessed Them To See Human Behavior In A Profoundly Limited Piece Of Fabric

You gotta admit. Something is not right up there? They construct full mosaics of people and strip them of their authenticity as humans. This is utter nonsense.   HM Who are these fools who have been in Medical School for 8 years –  And, this is it?  This is the product of their knowledge?   Playing with […]

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So far, Today …

Thought I’d use the symbolic value of the eye here, so I cropped everything else. It’s such an easy symbol. Who can wrong with the eye? This series is called … Too Fucking Lazy To Tap                Next … Brazilian Blogger, Chris Guerra. Accidentally stumbled on her through Instagram (That’s what I love […]


Perfect Weather For Horror Movies —

— That’s what today is.  I’m getting ready to watch a Horror flick on this cloud-covered sky of a day.  The temp is close to 60s.  Sends a chill to the bone.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be than inside.  These are the things that make me smile.  (This blog is so funny!) I went to […]