Early 20th Century Photography

Portrait Of A Young Man (Photography)

Early 20thc, somewhere in the 1930s, here is a photograph of my father as a young man, living in Athens.  (It still has dust on it! But I’ll get to that part later.) Folios William Barkas …  Athens, Greece

Concepts of Time Journalism

Waking Up The Past

As I mostly drift through sleep and wakefulness, last night (I think it was) I thought it was time to pull something from the Past I had written about particular concepts of Time and Space. It was over 5 years ago, when I was last in Greece, for an extended stay, and which incidentally, is […]

Greek Version of Paradise

The Fickle Nature Of The Human Eye – Photography

HERE WE GO AGAIN! WordPress, the most marvelous, dysfunctional app, just told me the shots (But which ones?) will fail to post. What else is new? Now what I consider visually interesting is NOT what others do. So it’s an enlightening experience to see what others see as beautiful.  When I arrived in Greece last Wednesday […]

Cultural Mathematics Difficult to Categorize Dreams Education Mental Health Philosophy Photographs

The Arithmetic of Dreams: Add It Up

I have often wondered how the subconscious influences our consciousness. And a question in search of an answer is: What is the Subconscious? We can speculate endlessly about its connection to Consciousness, but it is somewhat difficult to actually go there and form a mathematical equation, for example, of its properties. We just know it’s […]