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Chicago Betty

The Idealist

I should’ve known. I should’ve known once I graduated college, with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Classics, the world of today had nothing to offer me – in terms of employment.  Not that there weren’t jobs that I could do that held my interest, but I never got hired. Instead, these people would […]

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Diagnostic Statistic Manual Needs A New Presciption To Describe What Tunnel Vision Obsessed Them To See Human Behavior In A Profoundly Limited Piece Of Fabric

You gotta admit. Something is not right up there? They construct full mosaics of people and strip them of their authenticity as humans. This is utter nonsense.   HM Who are these fools who have been in Medical School for 8 years –  And, this is it?  This is the product of their knowledge?   Playing with […]

20th Century Accidental Food Critic Journalism

The Lonely Corpse

This is the saddest story I’ve ever heard. It’s about The Lonely Corpse.  I felt so bad when I heard it was left alone in the cemetery, waiting for someone to put it in the Earth, while the living partied on chicken, corn muffins, chocolate cake, and tea. How fucking rude!