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Bad Arithmetic: The Algorithms Of Job Apps

Bad Arithmetic In an age where the bulk of our communications is done online, you’d think the job of communicating would be easier, but it is not, especially when you are looking for a job, and the experience, you realize, is a futile attempt to communicate substance, and ultimately, dehumanizing. I knew I would be […]


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The Fickle Ear Is Nowhere As Fickle – And A Lot Kinder – I Think – Than The Fickle Eye

The Fickle Eye is a lot more ruthless than The Fickle Ear, I think, and the reasons for this are many and it is far too early in the morning to plunge into those matters now, since I am still asleep.  But here is what I posted on Face Book about a song composed by 2 songwriters/musicians and interpreted by […]

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Critical Intuition Lessons

There is so much more to say about today, but the past 24 hours have felt like 48 days, and the 48 days have felt like 48 years divided by 27 and whatever that equals times 584.  It is time to take a nap. 

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The Stars of WordPress – Statistics

So I’ve had one visitor so far who has read 2 pieces, three times each! For a while, I was worried. It was 1 visitor who had read one piece 3 times, and the other, twice. At least now there is some sense of balance.