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Last Night In My Neighborhood Around Midnight Baltimore

Earlier, friends had texted me, concerned about my safety. But when I responded casually that everything was just fine where I was at, they breathed better. I just went about my usual business of getting lost on my way to my doctor’s appointment and ending up in Bay View (or something like that) of the […]

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The Arithmetic of Dreams: Add It Up

I have often wondered how the subconscious influences our consciousness. And a question in search of an answer is: What is the Subconscious? We can speculate endlessly about its connection to Consciousness, but it is somewhat difficult to actually go there and form a mathematical equation, for example, of its properties. We just know it’s […]

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Commenting on Comments

Probably one of my most concise, rapid and brief responses to another commenter on The Guardian website regarding the hunger strike of a Greek activist (I’m not judging right and wrong here, mind you.) It just fell from my lips. To those who try to isolate the intellectuals of Exarchia as some sort of deviant […]


19 Year Old Rattles America and News Junkies

I’m sure everyone wants to know what was/is going on in his head.  What made it possible for him to become a terrorist at such an early age?  If I were the FBI, I’d be going through their computers and apartment right now.  How did they live?  Were there any clues visible?  What about that […]