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Cultural Mathematics: Equation (Consciousness)

Consciousness + Unconsciousness = Huh?

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BORROWING: Breaking Down Concepts Into Simple Conversations

SUGAR MODEL PROBLEM One person has bought and filled a canister with sugar. Another person starts using that sugar. When the sugar supply gets low, the supplier tells the borrower, they will have to replace what they have used. The borrower agrees to do this. The supplier fills the canister with the sugar remaining in […]

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“Want Ads – Relationships”

If I were ever to place one (which I never will) I decided this how I would phrase it! WANTED A fox with brains. Looking for a stud with a mind. Hahahaha!

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Balancing The Books – WordPress Style

I just can’t resist documenting these riddles! A continued examination of the puzzling behavior of WordPress …. Duplication Options. Two of the same thing … In different locations. Seldom providing coherence. Often leaving you scratching your head.