THE ODYSSEY OF INVISIBILITY  The Consequences of Inconsequential Papers of Lists of Things on your schedule for that day. 

Surely such an odyssey may make you seem different to those who’ve known you because you are and they are.  One cannot expect to see someone conform to our expectations.  We all Change.  And while a list of things we want to accomplish on that day may give us some sense of control, until … It’s either our time.  Or […]

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Today and today and today

It’s been that way all day, today.  Finally, finally, finally –  (But dare I say it?  Very risky  Very very risky.  Oh, well.  I’m not a Las Vegas Person.  But this.  This interests me immensely. ) TODAY “Things are finally looking up.” Good day yesterday.  Good yesterday.  Did research.  Relaxed.  Had my gourmet peanut butter […]

Accidents Laughing At The World Darkly


Are so annoying. I’ve struggled with that rigid concept of putting yourself on the page in detail in four paragraphs.  It’s revolting.  Have no other way of putting it.  But I finally solved the problem.  Alas.  Resume • I bring a lot to the table.  • Cannot out-argue me. Doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just […]


Loving Titles

I am just so into titles. And I have no idea why. When I began to work as a correspondent for Lerner Papers in Northwest Suburban Chicago. – Wow. Some weird shit happened there. The most interesting one was the perceptual error and tricks of the Brain. Or rather its resilience against conformity. The eye […]

Cultural Mathematics


I looked up at the darkening sky and wondered about the title above. We had been driving through Ohio forever – that’s how it usually feels, but curiously, not today. We took the scenic route that borders places like Columbus. Earlier we saw a young Amish man, with his horse and wagon. He stood up […]