Survey: Eye Color

I would like to ask the following question:
What is the color of the eye below?
And then tell me what your eye color is. 
And, oh. 
You can be sure there is a story attached to the question. 
I decided to just get as many pictures as I could that I could use. The iPhone appears not to have a very good camera when it comes to doing eyes. So the whole idea, based on limited  technical performance, was to see if you (and I) could detect any variations in color. We should get an idea of how eye color may shift depending on environment – even with a lousy lens. 

0 thoughts on “Survey: Eye Color

      1. Only of the second answer – I saw that colour changing dress meme 🙂 and if my eyes aren’t blue, then neither is the sea. And that’s fine with me – I have sea coloured eyes 😉

          1. That’s awesome. Mine change too. But the rim of the iris. Sometimes it’s dark green, dark blue or gray. The inner part has yellow. But here’s the weird thing. For years, I simply assumed my eyes were brown but I had never bothered to check! About 5 years ago I happened to look closely at them for some reason and the rim was green. Amazing how you can live with your body for so long without knowing minor details such as eye color.

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