I go back and read something I’ve written and I am puzzled and I say things like, What the fuck did I mean there! Actually, that probably happens more frequently than not.  But in between there are some well wrought morsels worth perusing.  Like now.  With so many changes in the air — I kind of feel all shook up in a good way — I am trying to navigate my way through new waters.  Even blogs need an occasional face-lift.  And my time came in a sort of unplanned way.

I began looking for new themes for my blog and I’m such a snob when it comes to the look of things.  I don’t go for pretty flowers and paisley designs.  I go for simplicity.  And sometimes simplicity is not easy to achieve.  I want something easy on the eye.  A visual hint of a kind of approach to thinking, a state of mind.  And I found something!  It’s called Elegant Grunge.  Only problem is I have disabled comments and I can’t remove the “leave comment” from the page, so it looks like you can leave a comment, and it behaves like you can leave a comment, allowing you to click on that link, only to discover comments have been disabled.  If not for this glitch, it would be flawless.  Essentially, your options are limited when you search for themes on the WordPress site.  Which is a bummer!  But one I can live with.  So Elegant Grunge will stay for now, despite one irksome characteristic about it.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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