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So far, Today …

Thought I’d use the symbolic value of the eye here, so I cropped everything else. It’s such an easy symbol. Who can wrong with the eye?
This series is called …
Too Fucking Lazy To Tap
Next …
Brazilian Blogger, Chris Guerra. Accidentally stumbled on her through Instagram (That’s what I love about Instagram.) 
An incredibly beautiful and stunning writer and Activist who’s into tattoos and clothes and models her particular piece of the day, highly influencial, book signings, appearances, public speaking engagements, a mother, and a heavenly beauty who is an influential writer and much more. 
Why is it that we never hear about these really interesting people here in the US?  
Are we that culturally isolated?

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

Keep it simple ... Radical ... Writer, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Chicago Betty

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Neither. The circumstances which brought me to BALTIMORE are much more complicated – different – than that. But ironically I ended up living about 5 blocks from the campus, so my local Starbucks (closest one to me) is the Hopkins one. At this point I’m not interested in taking classes at Hopkins. I am much more interested in being in a place where you naturally fit it, and apparently, it’s there. It’s the thinking that is going on there, and who is doing that thinking, and it turns out the school has a very interesting mix of students, which you really wouldn’t understand unless you’ve lived in the neighborhood for a while. It has flexible standards, meaning they are more interested in how you think. And everyone is different. Different strengths. Very interesting environment. But having had grown up in Hyde Park, a section of the city on the lakefront and where the university of Chicago is based, I’m comfortable in these environments. I find them stimulating.

Despite all that there is in NY, it started to feel kind of limited after awhile; sure there was a lot to see and do — but all within a certain bounded “bandwidth”. So I left and went to…Texas.
But that’s many years ago, already.

I can understand that. I used to fell CHICAGO was too small for me. But I was getting bored there. Well, guess what? CHICAGO is a beautiful city, filled with iconic architecture – much of it produced by architects who permanently settled there, because of teaching (Mies Van De Rohe taught at one of the best and most innovative architectural programs in the world – Illinois Institute of Technology, referred to as IIT, which had some legendary architects affiliated with the school. Yackety-Yack. My point is for me to feel Chicago was too small for me is a bit odd, considering how much Chicago has to offer. It’s a fantastic city, situated on a large body of fresh water, has an incredibly phenomenal and continually evolving architectural masterpieces, and a massive (for a city) display of Art on the streets of Chicago. Most people know about the Picasso in Downtown Chicago, in the Plaza. But adjacent to the Picasso but farther back and tucked between two buildings is another huge sculpture that was vandalized soon after it was placed there. It’s a Miro! I’m crazy about Miro. But anyway, stunning architecture.
So point is city keep evolving. And it felt like there was a lot less then than now, and I suspect that’s true.

Extreme closeups of the tear-bathed bloodshot bristly eyelash-rimmed orbs of the deemed-to-be important personages of this cultural moment…turned out as oversized posters suitable for framing; and they make great gifts, so order yours today!

Hagahaha! Hey, great to hear from you, Adam! I always laugh when you comment. Actually, I was just thinking about stuff like that! ( I can’t remember where I stopped, but I kept going after publishing the piece.) Hold on. Let me check my notes … Oh, yes. I’m really interested in looking into the Paparazzi Industry. There’s something highly intriguing about that profession.

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