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7 replies on “Sketching”

If you’ve no success with “doodling,” might I suggest you try “noodling”? Noodling gives you more options than mere “doodling”:

1. Whereas one can merely “doodle,” one can either “noodle” or “noodle around.”
2. There is always the option of using chicken soup.
3. It is an exercise for the noodle.


Doodling thrived (at least for me) when we were tethered to a land line – i.e., no mobility – and forced into either unpleasant telephone conversations, like the birth of fake voices, prompting your next move by pressing this or that button, until you reached an actual human. That moment of delight was overwhelming and stimulated the Doodling Gene into action. Of course, other lengthy conversations were also ripe for the manifestation of this gene.

I am thrilled, however, to learn that there is a Noodling Gene, as well! I plan to investigate further the pleasures found therein.

SO excited!

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