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Shuttered Men and Pronouns

There is nothing less appealing than a guy(s) who thinks/think they/he know(s) everything and who use(s) that base to bully their (his) women/woman.  Are those kinds of guys plentiful?  You bet they are. Emasculated and rejected men. Pathetic men. Men who have shuttered the Truth about themselves.  Diabolical men. Men who claim they are god. – WHAT?  Men who claim to be Saints. While all you wanna do is dance to The Linguistic Twist. 
(Hm. This can now go in a multitude of Directions. But I’m too lazy to go anywhere right now – other than my fingers tapping the keys on my phone, the essentials, for as long as possible, which is not very long at all.)

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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