Role Reversals

I was gonna write about a comedic actor that simply repulses me.  But then I thought that would be mean of me.  So I decided to keep it secret.  There’s no need to spread ill-will, is there?  I know of reviewers who have been vicious toward the actors they examine — at least,  on film — you know, movies about legendary film critics and their antics?

Thankful I don’t belong to that club!

So I thought I’d focus instead on our basic responses to the actors we engage with on celluloid.

I was gonna write about somebody else today, but then, when I turned on the television, there he was…

In every role I have seen him perform there is something about him that never changes — you know.  The transformation actors make through their roles.  This guy no matter role what he plays seems to have that same sneer on his face, and for me, it isn’t a very pretty face to look at.  There’s something behind that face, something lurking there, and it doesn’t feel good to me.

Oh, well.

Let’s see.  I could just sit and stare at Colin Farrell all day long.  No problem.  And I’d like to hear Edward Norton whisper something in my ear.  Let’s see.  Who do I am plan on writing about next?

Liam Neeson, maybe?

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