Response to an Article in a Psychiatric journal

That first comment is filled irony. Like seriously, you are measuring ways to fry the brain?

I had 16 sessions if ECT, 3 times a week. At the time I was getting. The anesthesia made me groggy for the rest if the day; my depressive symptoms got worse, and I had serious doubts about its effectiveness. This is about the time I lost my status as being compliant. I skipped a treatment. And then I had another one. After that I determined it wasn’t working, so I skipped the following session.

Two days before Christmas, I was scheduled for a treatment. I was slightly coerced into scheduling that, the jolly doctor, whom I referred to as Santa Claus had called me in Saturday. And I had expressed my concerns. And I told him I couldn’t decide what to do, so he said he would decide for me and schedule a treatment for the 23rd. When I skipped out in that one too, the kindly Dr. George was never heard from again.

No doubt it fucked up my memory. Short and long term. It had no discernible effect immediately but after several months I began to feel better. This could have more likely been caused in my switch from Prozac to EffexorXR. Prozac did nothing but cause problems before and I had been on the other drug for close to 10 years and was familiar with its effectiveness.

But overall, I have had a very good year and wondered if ECT was perhaps responsible, that it did do something to wake up my brain from the lethargy it was experiencing.

So maybe a bit of “frying” the brain is alright.

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