Quote From The Psych Ward

I was happiest with my last hospitalization, which happened to be in Virginia, unlike the nightmarish experiences I had in Maryland. 
I guess I was lucky. 
To be in a Humane environment, cared for by people who not only have formal education or life experiences, to be involved with a vulnerable population, like us – (Nothing more than a dream in Maryland,  – Can’t speak for others, but from what I’ve heard from other experiences – can’t really put that here. But one is more than enough. If it had been an isolated experience then I would be biased. But it was not.)
The entire system was infected
Anyway …
I went to get my meds one night, to the mobile med carts, each supervised by nurses who did just that – and there was this guy, a big, black guy, with a deep and soft voice  (lots of islander staff there) – and I was checking out the screen for the information on my file – just to be sure it was right – and I said something to him, 
but I don’t remember what …
And he said to me:
Your eyes don’t miss a thing. 

And I said:

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