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Prince is Coming to Baltimore To Play “Free” Concert …  But You Need to Buy Tickets to Attend

Not that there are any left, but even if you wanted to buy tickets, unless you have a spare $500, and if you’re lucky enough to find someone who is selling one, you’re out of luck. 

I first read about Prince doing a free concert here in Baltimore a couple of days ago. And discovered lots of people who are excited about his coming here, but disappointed that they have no chance of seeing him. This group ranges from Millenials to 50 year old Baltimore natives who have been the target of the social conflict before us all of their lives. 

I read that this concert is intended to show support for the Communities affected by the riots and serve as a platform for social change. 


Now whether or not that happens, remains to be seen. However, something about this show really bothers me. And it wasn’t difficult to figure it out – the vast injustice of it. 

A show of support for the community would include that community in the festivities. Rather, the very community, which has been blighted for decades, gets to spend Sunday on the hot streets of Baltimore, with fans, maybe, in their homes, and wonder what happens next. 

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