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Precious, Buttons, Button-Eyes, Ms Precious Button-Eyes, Lost and Found on Streets of Baltimore, Hot Spots

This morning I awoke to a heavenly dream when my roommate knocked on my door, and I had to get out of bed, because she wouldn’t stop knocking.  I reluctantly stepped into the hallway and headed for the kitchen, where my roommate stood with this precious creature. 
I fell in love with her instantly. And as Dexter was absurdly part of the settlement, even though I bought him specifically as a therapy dog, with my own money …  Obviously something wrong about any laws that would do that …
And the rest is history. 
So meet Ms Precious Button Eyes, found during the demonstrations on North and Pennsylvania Avenues, the Hot Spot, as I call it, of the mayhem that took place here last Monday. 
Regina found her yesterday, there, lost  or abandoned, perhaps, in the streets, and scooped her up and brought her home, after people started inquiring about her owner.  
Ms Precious Button-Eyes is now an Emotional Therapy Support Dog to three women!
Plus, she’s some type of breed. A Marque. Seems to have many types. Not sure what that means. 
All I know is that she is precious!

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