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Posing For The Camera

Few of us have ideal features and one can easily exaggerate what is already slightly exaggerated through the lens of a camera. Photographers of the famous already know this and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to enhance what may otherwise be not so flattering.

So I decided to get serious.

I decided I would shoot a portrait of myself that would take the above factors into consideration.

This, henceforth, will be my official portrait. I couldn’t get it in one shot (sorry) but I managed to squeeze it into two.

Actually, I’m pretty camera-shy.
I always prefer to be behind the camera than before the camera.



Ta Da!

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By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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4 replies on “Posing For The Camera”

I know what you mean, Vera. And it’s an interesting project. But yesterday, I just happened to be sitting on the floor, wondering what I was gonna do next, and I thought: “Portrait!”

And I’d love to see you’re document of age through photographs.
You must post it!

I would much rather describe the process with words than actual pictures. Much easier for me to do it that way!

But as my actual age is nowhere near my emotional age, I do not believe I will achieve my goal:-)

Not in this lifetime, anyway.

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