Plastic Faces

People fear getting old, especially women.  And so many women submit their faces and bodies to the scalpels of plastic surgeons in a vain attempt to retard the aging process, as though that were something unnatural, when in fact the cumulative effect of the scalpel is to render a lifeless and expressionless form that has been stretched until it cannot be stretched no farther.  Some of the visages produced are really scary.  All the things that contribute to our self-expression facially are eliminated to the degree that to render a smile becomes nearly impossible.  Because a natural smile will always engage additional facial muscles that give it its character.  The plastic face does not do this.  The plastic face is a face frozen in time and with limited mobility and void of expression — except pain perhaps.  So the question is:  Why do these women think this is beautiful?

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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