Personal Hygiene

People experience Depression differently.  Some can’t get out of bed for days.  Some lay on the couch all day with an empty stare at the TV which runs constantly.  Some eat constantly.  Others cannot eat.  There is no standard form.  It varies from person to person.  My personal difficulty is bathing.  Since I have no where to go I slacken on my hygiene.  I can’t get into the shower.  It’s too far away from me!  It’s a burden for me.  Since I don’t have to be anywhere, I’ll just stay grungy for nearly a week!  But then when I want to get something or just get out, I’ll put on my grungy jeans, UGGS, and skater-board jacket and a mysterious shade of light green beret, and enter civilized society — those who actually work!  Because that too seems like a distant idea—distant from where you actually are, which you have a hard time describing.  That’s how I express it socially.  I get grungy.  But then when I do wash I take a bath and feeling really clean afterward and for the next day.  And I just say, I can go another day without a shower.  Until you realize you can’t!  And by then, I can assure you I AM GRUNGY!

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