Passwords and Other Annoying Objects

I just can’t get the hang of the new WordPress, cause it certainly ain’t user friendly.  It’s really awkward.  And I don’t know how to easily get to my page.  It was simpler when I last used it (2010) and the author had a sense of its actually being a personal blog.  Now they keep trying to sell you updates to improve your experience of a bad system. 

Now that’s smart.

I was on one of the WordPress pages that has a counterpart and which looks different — it’s all very confusing.  I just want to go Home.  That’s all.  And from there write and keep track of what I write.  I don’t want to go drifting along in this awkward system.

So I lost my password.

And reset it.  Then couldn’t remember what I set it to, so I tried every combination, and failed.  I should have written it down. 

I had been skirting around passwords for a long time and varied them between two —not a great idea, by the way — but I had used so many variations of it that I was now confused.  So I had to come up with something radical.  Completely different.  And something there was no questioning about — totally clear.  So, what I’m saying is — that it took me forever to get here today.

And by the time I did, I had forgotten what I had come here to write. 

So yeah.  Not such a great experience.  (And I hope it improves.)

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