“OUT OF INK” (Watercolor)


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By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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My friend? You mean my pens? Ink? Interesting that you should mention “wash,” since that’s exactly what I’m doing now – laundry:-)

“..what needs to be said isn’t always clear” … And one of the many functions of Art. Taking things and turning them upside-down, inside-out.

But being out of ink is simply too traumatic to explain in words – at least for now!

Adam, I think we should proceed to communicate with each other using gibberish. It’s always been my dream to communicate using nonsense. In fact, I have a list of words, retrieved from my Words With Friends games, which they claim are words, but which mean nothing. They refuse to accept “eco” as a word, but “ae” IS a word, according to THEIR dictionary. So I’m dying to have a conversation using that and other obscure words.

Ok, Adam. What’s your point? I like the way Russian sounds. Add a bit of Rap to it, and wow! Actually, earlier I was looking at someone who liked my photos on Instagram, and he made a point of saying he’s “SINGLE.” Couldn’t be more than 13! The guy in the video with the gun reminded me of him.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that that’s not Rusian, in the video.

I recall reading about a Russian poet who thought that English sounded like bird-sounds; I’m not sure whether that was supposed to be a good or a bad thing, though….

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