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Other Senses, Other Places

I’ve often poked at my obsession, passion for music, and stated that my tolerance for listening to a piece of music – whether it be a song or an opera, Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach – frequently clashes with those who are around me.
Even though they make like the same piece, their saturation level is breached far earlier than mine, and leads them into madness, momentarily, where they beg me to stop playing the music, which of course, I find amusing and ignore – but not out of deliberate malice. I simply need the music to thoroughly drench, not only my Soul, but reach into the nucleus of every cell in my body.
Why? Why must it travel that far and so deeply?
Not sure.
But here are a couple of guesses and recent revelations …
There definitely is some sort of connection between here and there
Maybe there’s lots of work to do down there? Repairs, etc.
I have often thought of the Universe in terms of Music and Mathematics, keys and strokes, equations precisely put and held together, yet also lucid, malleable and infinitely variable. The ultimate Time and Space connection – where it seldom matters what time it is here (cause we’re lousy timekeepers) but there. 
That’s my theory.
Back to Earth …
While I still don’t know why it must travel that far inside of me, I recently realized, that when it gets there, it stays there, permanently.
Not only that –
But from there, it comes back to surface and manages to fill everything around me – it lives in the walls, both literally, and metaphorically. I can hear it. And that, luckily for me, means that I can listen to it until the very end, that I never have to play it again. It is the shield that protects me. Always.
No doubt, this may be hard for some to swallow.
But lots of things – far more sinister than this – are hard to swallow.
For example …
Notable exceptions … Such as …
WordPress, The Master Of Chaos, where everything crumbles instantaneously, just as it did when I tried to publish this piece.

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