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On Being Blind… And Learning.

When I attempted to create a blog on WordPress more than 2 years ago, I became thoroughly confused by its interface.  Continually lost my way around the site, could not do the things I considered simple and essential features of any blog, which appeared nowhere on the site.  I abandoned the idea altogether.  So now somewhere in Blog Land there is a tiny record of this failed attempt.

Things look much improved today.

However, take this very instance, for example.  When I clicked “return” on my keyboard to start a new paragraph, it automatically gave me an extra space, which I neither wanted nor intended.  In fact, spacing your article appears to be tricky.  While the menu displays features such as B for Bold, and I for Italics—both much appreciated—there is no feature to assign spacing elements to your blog.  This I find disconcerting, as I am peculiar about spacing.

Another glaringly absent and essential feature is the option to use fonts from your library.

It seems that in order to access that which you already own, you must pay to use CSS.  Now being on the border of literacy when it comes to using other “languages” in the sphere of computers, I am neither interested in learning, nor paying for using what I already own.  But who knows?  I may have to.  Some day.  …Since I would also like to create my own “look” on this blog, and that seems only possible with the purchase of CSS.

Another option mentioned is the purchase of a font kit.  But, again, why would I want to purchase what I already own.  Indeed, purchase access to fonts that the font kit may very likely not possess?

So it is with a limited set of options that I embark on yet another attempt to publish my thoughts.

I also realize that there is a price to be paid, and money earned, for providing such a service, which I am not opposed to, whatsoever.   However, basics are basics, and it seems that these features should be available, rather than restricted.  And there are few doubts that these features could be made available…easily.

And finally…

The font used here looks familiar, of course, but it sure would be nice if WordPress would at least identify its character.


Had to come back to add this comment, because once I hit the “publish” button what I saw published used an altogether different font!  Crazy…

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