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OMG. MORE WordPress Nightmares!

MORE WordPress Nightmares!  What is it with these updates? What are they regurgitating up there? Disaster!
I am TRYING to upload 3 photographs of print. And they are ALL blurred here!  

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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3 replies on “OMG. MORE WordPress Nightmares!”

[ Smiles ] Every time WordPress does upgrades, they stress their bloggers out; I would know, because I used to have a WordPress blog.
Back then, I used to blog on the go; which is why I had the WordPress App installed on my smartphone.
I enjoyed responding to comments on the go too.
But, these days, I blog mostly on my laptop computer and I went back to Blogger.
Google doesn’t stress us out with their upgrades.
And, to be quite honest, the stress that you are going through with WordPress is a temporary one.
Things will be back to normal soon!

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