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Ok…  WordPress Stats. Another Zinger!

before I get into that, however, a much simpler question: What happened here? Where did the opening cap of a sentence go?  It was never a problem before. But I guess the update is stingy about giving you caps at the start of a post?

Plus the margins are all over the place! They’ve gone wild. And nothing that appears here, during composition, appears during the Eye review, you know, the one at the top of the page, just right of center?  

I continually have to flip-flop between this and that to determine – Not why … Would never attempt to explain that! – which holes I have to fill to align my margins. It’s always a gamble. Too much uncertainty there. 

It’s all an illusion!  
Going from here to there

May need to send App for psychological consultation. 

Also very stingy about spaces between paragraphs. App does not like them apparently. 

But I do!

Can refer App to an excellent psychologist who focuses on Behavior Modification, and especially the exploration of Regression. 

But I gotta tell you, I simply love being able to accent my words without looking at tedious scripts. (Even though you lose the formatting if you cut and paste. See?  Oh, well. Nobody is perfect. That’s for sure!) Anyway … Much more elegant this way. [It’s The Way of Iambic Pentameter. Or at least something close to it.)  So thanks a lot for that

As for your statistical insights, I’d like to ask …

Which among all Saturdays is referenced here?


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