O Helios, who knows!

You have to know some Greek to know that the word helios means sun in Greek.  I believe the Ancients had imagined a god in his image.  Helios signifies passion, fire, inspiration, and highly principled action.  All good traits.  However aren’t some of these traits associated with manic behavior?  So did the Greeks regard us differently?  As sources of inspiration, perhaps?  Who knows.  But I do know they treated us better than we are being today.  It’s nothing new.  It’s always been there.  They can’t sweep it under the rug any longer.  Attitudes towards us shift continually.  But one that they have plastered on televisions and newspapers consistently is the crazy guy who goes on a killing spree.  He had mental illness, the reports say.  Probably.  But where are the programs for proper interventions to prevent these things from happening? 

Will they ever stop? 

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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