NY International Shipping

NY International Shipping: A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes you just gotta wait for the right time to say what you have to say.  A lot like now.  But the time has come — I knew it was approaching — to discuss this company that purports to ship your household goods to exotic locations.  But the only exotic destination they have reached insofar as my shipment is concerned is straight to Cuomo’s office, Attorney General for the State of New York.

There was feedback on this company on the web.  Three comments total.  Two of them were uncharacteristically young supposed clients who raved about some woman who was just so awesome and great to work with.  Those 2 immediately smelled to me.  They seemed propped there, staged, by who else other than…  NY International Shipping.

The 3rd comment was almost identical to its degree of frustration at the hands of thieves and liars.  That one I knew was the real one.  Nor did it at all surprise me that NYIS would hoist there on the Internet for all the world to see.  Not at all.  For this is one of the most unethical place of business I have ever come across.  Their degree of hubris is unfathomable.  And hubris is a dangerous disease, especially in the hands of terrorists.

They are sitting on $4000.00 for supposed services which they are unable to assemble an invoice for because the only service they provided was grief!

So don’t go believing everything you see on the Internet.  Much of it is unsavory.  And duplicitous.  There are a lot of thieves and liars out there.

Actually, I am going to publish the letter I wrote to Cuomo since I don’t want to relive that ordeal while it is still spinning around my head and pocket-book.  That should suffice to give you an idea of what kind of company they run there in Lower Manhattan.  I thought Cuomo might be interested in what kind of people are posing as legitimate businesses on the Internet when they are actually thieves and liars.

But since Cuomo is now busy with a re-election campaign, I don’t know, I might have to put some pressure on that office to get an investigation into this company going ASAP.

Moral dilettantes, vain, and freely dispensing misfortune among those they suck into their net.

Real barracudas.


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