Now For Something That Isn’t—Unlike The King—Funny

Gonna provide link to photos I shot that day with a still camera.  Before I reached the demonstration.  On my way there, what I saw.  And what I shot.  There’s a—eh, somewhat lengthy—intro to this collection, which I’ll publish here, just in case you don’t like looking at photographs.

Taking It To The Streets. ATHENS ON FIRE. May 6, 2010

The day after the tragic deaths of 3 innocent persons by the hands of—(As my friend, the Architect, put it: “Look, these people are not well. Something is wrong with them. And they are taken advantage of by people who may have sinister motives.”) 3 masked men, who broke into a bank and set fire to it.

Because the building was old and made of wood, the fire spread rapidly, and there was little chance of fleeing their eventual doom—these 3 persons, and as one man put it: “Three persons and an embryo.” Because one of the women was… pregnant.

Anyway, that’s where my journey began.

It concluded in Syntagma—Constitution Square—in downtown Athens, where a sizable rally was held to protest the economic solutions being considered by the representatives who were behind closed doors and evaluating the fate of their country.

Though not as thickly attended as the rally the day before—the day when those people were killed—where tear gas was eventually used to disperse the crowd, the message was loud and clear. The people did not want their country sold so that banks can make a handsome profit from their misery.

Greece has received incredibly biased coverage in the press during these difficult times. And all sorts of comments have been made— pejorative adjectives, mostly—about the people of Greece. These others who make these comments perhaps forget that their countries are not in great shape either.

No one is perfect.

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