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Nothing Worth Stopping For In Nebraska 

“Or ever what would a bomb look like?
Ever thought of that?
Like an Iron. 
The kind you use to do shirts?
Why not?  
Why not? 
That’s why why not. 
Why not. 
But that’s what has now happened ever since. 
Do this, do that, strip, analyzed for the potential you may be a terrorist. 
But to what degree?
Why, the unlimited degree of Stupidity. We will, for example, stretch the strings of Farce and Absuridty. We’ll pull aside 2 year olds. 
Oh, yeah?  
So now I prefer to spend my time traveling doing as little as possible of that kind of thing. 

So now I prefer driving my manual transmission BMW 228i, feeling the earth beneath my feet, instead of being up in the air with Stupidity for such great lengths of Time. 

Driving roads where can dream and adjust to the mood of States, while heading West. What was that?  Colorado for me was the most dynamic with its majestic mountains. Arizona, clearly a desert. Iowa, the pervasive odor of horse manure. 

But nothing worth stopping for in Nebraska. 
Which is exactly what brought me here. 

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