Notes: “The Greek Concept of Time and Space—Revisited!” Formats From Hell…

As if I have all the time in the world!

I do not.

I have self-imposed deadlines, and my ideas are queued, impatient and whiny and demanding they be developed!  I must accommodate.  What more can I say?

But does WordPress care?  No way!  For if they did, why would they provide formatting straight from Hell?

It was an accidental slip of the finger.  I realized I needed to italicize something, and make use of those big, ugly gray quotes they provide, scatter the spacing of my sentences as I wanted them to be, and not according to rigid formats—you know, add some stylistic touches—and still maintain the moral authority of being a technical dummy.

It’s all your fault, Steve Jobs!  You have spoiled us all—  With magnificent tools.

But before you could whisper FUCK! the entire formatting collapsed, and photos went places where I never imagined them to go, and captions disappeared, and entire paragraphs were compressed into captions, and new spaces grew out of nowhere—the page shook, I tell you!—and frankly, I don’t need this kind of shit in my life!

But such is the price of being an artist—usually poor, and begging for hand-outs, like this here, WordPress—taking what is offered and keeping your mouth shut!

Thus I was forced to scramble and rearrange my content (luckily I had backed it up!) and pitch the monstrosity I stumbled upon into the garbage, and post it as, “…Revisited!”


Things That Never Made It Into Print

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