Just like all other animals humans need niches.  I think it’s more about niches than anything else.  But what is a niche?  I think a niche is feeling comfortable in your skin.  Knowing yourself.  Discovering who you are.  For how else will we differentiate?  If we do not take it upon ourselves to learn who we actually are?  Therein lies all beauty and the meaning of life — which is to discover who we are.  But how many of our species actually does that?  I bet a small percentage.  I just keep thinking about the feeling of how it feels to live in your skin while at ease and ready for adventure.  The possibilities are limitless.  If we fail miserably at one fault as a species it is that we have an abundance of potential.  But only a fraction is used.  And this is a pity.  Our potential instead should invigorate us.  Rather than underachieve as a proper species.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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