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(That’s what my sources say.)

Bankers were spied spilling into the streets of Manhattan and elsewhere, some dispatched to the shores of Greece with fresh batches of money, others filing into their houses of worship, to give thanks for their good fortune, all intoxicated from the news…

— Greece would be saved! —

Stocks all over—including Athens—roared with confidence, and Futures had never before been so high.  The Dawn of Prosperity had arrived—and so alert was she, despite it being Monday.  Monday morning, no less.

Apparently the King of The European Union had accomplished his mission to the utmost satisfaction of these factions.

(Personally, I think the King was a brilliant stroke of genius on the part by Merkel & Co.  Indeed I think the Chancellor found him—Fortune had smiled on her, apparently—and she was the one behind his address…  Meaning, I think she traveled incognito to Athens that night, tucked in the rear pocket of the King, and whispered sweet messages to him, which he then delivered in legendary fashion.

Where she had found him remains a mystery, however.

Perhaps on the shores of Babylon.

But being the brilliant woman that she is, as soon as she saw him, she whisked him away, with promises of fame and immortality.  “Your are a gifted Orator,” she said to him.  “And I will make you King of the Nation.” And being the docile creature that he is, he followed her to new shores, and traveled throughout the world, and was groomed for this special mission.

But even she had not anticipated the brilliance of his performance, its degree of perfection had eluded even her, caught everyone by surprise.

And that is why all are giddy today…

From licking their lollipops.)

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