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Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual
In the damp winter months by the sea
where you are comforted by rain
I awaken well before dawn
usually chilled by the air –
insulated as much as possible
by shirts and undershirts and sweaters
under a robe –
and crank-up the heat.
My mind slowly drifts from puzzling dreams
vaguely remembered –
Darkened by the night of the sea.
So it’s time for caffeine.
The strongest of them all –
a mug of espresso made on the stove-top –
Time to sip away dark moments
and prepare for the Sun
When the forecast calls for rain.
A morning such as this will not deter the fisherman with a spear, or the old man taking his final steps on our shores, while a stranger stumbles into town, with purposeful gait, the weary traveler, suitcase in each hand, and heads to sea.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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