Michael Jackson

There is no —  nothing more reassuring than knowing you can lean on Michael in acts characterized by desperation.  He’s always there for you.  You know Michael will make you feel better.  Because you know that he too suffered from immeasurable pain.  So he understands.

And then, he just also happens to be what we call a genius.  And that will outlive all the hateful voices out there trying to turn him into a demonic creature!  For they are the demonic creatures, not Michael.

Michael is heavenly.

Sweetness and innocence and generally genuine emotions, whether they talk about disappointment in love, or the angst of being in the middle of hell.  Either way, he had/has the gift to make you feel better than you did before listening to him.

Totally angelic.

And that’s why I love him.

Right now, my fave song is “Beat it,” of course.  That was always my favorite song of his, but I never understood why.  That happens a lot with me and music.  It’s as though it becomes imprinted onto my circuitry and runs randomly and then one day, it clicks!  You find yourself in the exact situation you had to be to fully understand this song.  At this stage, it has affected you personally.

Not many performers can do things like that.

There are a few.

The Killers are simply amazing and full of positive messages of hope in our humanity.

But when hurting, Michael is King!

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