It doesn’t happen too often.  And it has happened to me.  I created a web page featuring samples of my writing for prospective employers to view.  And I am so proud of it!  It’s incredibly simple — something I highly value — and its simplicity renders it beauty, which is almost inexplicable.  So I have become mesmerized today by this combination of sensory influences.

Nothing like fate pushing through its roots and shining on your shower of self-glory, and make a technical problem beyond your capability of correcting, since it has to do with technical issues of the domain, stuff with their databases, and you have made an error which you are now obsessing on, since it is visible to the public, and highly annoying.  Plus it looks like an editorial goof, but it’s not.  You just can’t get it to update the corrections.  And it’s driving you crazy!  It’s totally outside your power at the moment.

So once again you must teeter on the saw between joy and obsession!

Try sleeping on that!

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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