Merry Sterile Christmas

It’s gotten to the point where people hesitate about wishing someone a Merry Christmas, for fear they may offend someone else. The word holiday has all but eliminated the suggestion and taboo phrase, Merry Christmas, to the point that some people have lost complete sight of it.  I am still reeling from the High School concert at a local high school, one of the richest schools in the nation, since it is the wealthiest suburb — except for Chevy Chase — in the nation.  It was a musical presentation.  The skill of the students was mediocre at best as they tripped over — God!  I keep forgetting his name, because even though he is popular, I just can’t get into him.  Some innocuous song of his.  Then the teacher said they were gonna do a piece from Woodstock — as though Woodstock had a theme song, or something — and as they played their instruments, it soon became apparent that this was some sort of medley of music from the 60s, including the Beatles, who had nothing to do with Woodstock.  I sat there and waited before I realized this concert would not include one Christmas song, for fear of offending someone.

And I was right.

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