Mathematical Heaven

Of course, I wouldn’t know what that would be like…

I’m in Mathematical Bliss due to Ignorance.  However, even though I still use my fingers to count, I have on occasion come up with significant mathematical questions.  Of course, I wouldn’t know how to go about solving them.  Clueless.  Totally.  However, for a moment, I have this glimpse of Mathematical Heaven where we discuss why  1 + 1 equals one.  Just think about it spatially.  And although I claim total ignorance of Algebraic thinking — I just don’t get — I did excel in Geometry, much to my surprise, that I would excel at anything Mathematical…  But I suppose that has to do with my visual cortex, or some such thing.  (Right now, I am watching a Joan Crawford movie, in her later years, as the chief of a circus.  An executive type with a soft spot in her heart.  Now that’s really intellectually stimulating.)

Still I can hear the birds sing and know below that lies a mathematical logic to each note.

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