Massive Bird Deaths Press Coverage

I guess my point is:  The press has been covering this story with its eyes closed.  Where are those reporters who would challenge the absurd responses of officials as to the cause of these deaths?  How dumb do they think we are?  To accept such ridiculous notions as to what may have caused the massive deaths around the world.  A loud boom.  Fireworks.  And what was the other one?  These answers don’t pass any muster and those who spout this stuff should be challenged by the press. But they are not.  In the meantime, sane people around the world — and there are not as many as you might think there, but there are enough — question the observations of so-called scientists.  When really what they know is that they haven’t a clue as to what caused this freak occurrence but are unwilling to say so — for whatever reason.  Or, they know something, but they’re keeping it to themselves.  The first thing that came to mind when I heard what had happened was virus.  A virus can easily wipe us out.  In a relatively short period of time.  Imagine if something like Ebola spread worldwide.  That would be the end of us.  Pretty quickly.  Just like the birds.  Something was so virulent that it took them out in significant numbers which are cause for concern.  Someone is not doing their job here.  And it’s painfully obvious.

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