Married To The Mob

They call this movie a Comedy.  And it is.  But it’s very clever.  The moral of the story, so to speak, is that once you are connected to the Mob you are in it for life.  You can never get out, as our leading lady shows us.  It is a love story full of unusual twists.  It’s an amusing look at mobsters, as portrayed by Dean Stockwell, and his two body guards.    It explores violence around innocent acts, like the act of liking somebody who is NOT part of the mob.  The mob follows you around for life!  And this guy, portrayed by Matthew Modine, a really good actor!  And Michelle Pfeiffer is charming as the woman who is wooed by Modine.  It’s a really unusual lover story!  Told from a twisted point of view, both visually and psychologically.  It’s really funny!


(You know.  I looked the movie up on imdb and it had actors listed as members of the cast but whom I still have not seen — like Alex Baldwin.  Pfeiffer is great as the woman determined to elude the shadow of the mob.  And then — it ends abruptly with Modine and Pfeiffer in the salon, sitting in a barber-like chair, kissing and giving each other a second chance, cause they can’t stop thinking about each other.  Modine is really good as the man who loves the mob girl who just wants to be an ordinary person, but cannot. A truly underrated actor of our generation.  Oliver Platt puts in a fine appearance as his friend, a tech nerd, who somehow puts together an intricate system moves so the ordinary guy can keep tabs on the girl while she is in the company of her mobster family and lover, Dean Stockwell.  Stockwell experiences a case of deja vu and it is visually expressed by some interesting editing, and directed by Jonathan Demme who directed The Silence of the Lambs in 1991; Philadelphia in 1993; and The Manchurian Candidate in 2004.

The question in the end, of course, is what does all of this have to do with marriage?

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