Racial Slurs.

These are intended to morally and psychologically demean certain ethnic groups.

I am in the middle of watching a good cop flick with my favorite actors in it — Edward Norton and Colin Farrell — 2 of the finest thespians today.  Farrell is superb at doing dialects.  Each role he enters he does so primarily through his melodious delivery as a performer.  Love him!

Edward Norton has an unmatched sensitivity on film.  But he, unlike Farrell, sticks to his familiar and unique voice.  No mistaking him for anybody else.  Plus he can say really corny lines and sound sincere!

“Give Them My Love,” he says.

Pride and Glory is the title of the film.  About morally corrupt cops and how they go about doing their job on the streets, bullying the gangs and demanding protection money.    Farrell is the corrupt brother-in-law cop to the morally sincere Norton who behaves on principles of justice instead of the rough and tumble laws and life of criminality.  He is invigorating to watch.  And I always marvel at his ability to assume like a chameleon the tongue required for a role.

(How’s that for multi-tasking!)

The Norton dude is my idea of a knight in shining armor.  Sensitive above all.  (Loving, generous, non-judgmental and morally way above the norm)  Mmmmm.

And he’s kind of — you know — in the dark.

He doesn’t know what’s going on.  He is following his course, trying to investigate corruption and ascertain just measures like those held by other people of high reasoning and empathic abilities.  (I have no idea what the fuck that means.)

(I corrected it.  Tweaked it until it became clear.)

So anyway, it’s a tense but exciting movie, and Farrell is the one who works the streets and engages in criminal behavior himself there, and he’s a racist, pure and simple, towards Hispanics, and he spits out a racial slur —

“Get out of my backyard, and that fucking monkey-language.” (Something like that.)

Wow.  I was jarred when I heard him deliver that line.  I became frightened by the depth of hatred he could as an actor produce to show us that ugly emotion.  It was chilling to hear him say that.

But, I immediately shifted and learned a new racial slur today.

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