Manifesto on Madness

Isn’t that an awesome title? 

I came up with that when I was hypomanic, the day I cycled between feeling suicidal in the morning and depressed most of the day and then around 4 o’clock my mood started swinging the other way.  It peaked when I decided I would write the Manifesto on Madness.

At that point, I knew I had to stay away from the computer, cause if I got on the computer that late, I would get no sleep, and get more hypomanic, which I didn’t want.  Those are the kinds of decisions I am faced with every morning.  Lest I forget, this is referred to rapid cycling.  Which I’ve known about for years through the journals I kept in my early life.  I would talk about mood shifts that were at that very moment changing.  How do I describe that?

It’s a complicated Disorder.  And people need to start recognizing that, and treat it accordingly.  Instead we have this medieval superstition surrounding it.  Witches burned at stakes because their behavior was so drastically different from others. 

Story goes those women were suffering from some form of disorder that affected their mood.  And were thus labeled witches.  When actually they were simply Bipolar? Now I don’t know much about witches, whether they are ever referred to in the Old or New Testament.  For some reason, I think they are not. 

That seems to be the unique creation of the middle ages.

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