APPLE Emotional Abuse NOTES

MacBook Pro

It is by far the most elegant Mac I have worked with.  It is built like a fine Modern Dancer, lithe and limber, organic, the way it moves.  There is nothing rigid about it.  Even when the computer is closed, you feel as though it is still with you.  The pulsing light on the front base of the machine is its breath.  It feels alive.

And then on the Intuitive Chart, the MacBook Pro is off the charts — like the other machines — it has a great and reliable operating system that is easy to use.  You can’t beat that!

I got the big one.

I saved for 3 years to buy it, but it was doomed from the start.

Just as I skipped through Heathrow’s sliding doors, the bag I had my computer in fell and bounced on the ground.  I was aghast.  But I knew these machines were built sturdy, so I didn’t panic.  But when I got to the hotel and took it out of its sleeve I was horrified to see that it hit at exactly the spot it needed to, to damage the ports, primarily the ethernet lips, which became squeezed, therefore making it difficult to put in and remove any ethernet cables.


That was the first boo-boo of 2010.  Took place at end of February.

The second one happened when I had moved south of Athens to a house in Paralion Astros, a town filled with sinister people, but with heavenly beaches.  I am usually very careful around my computer with liquids, etc.  But I placed my coffee cup on the table to distract Aristophanes, and he jumped and he tipped the coffee cup.

Ker Splash!

There goes my computer.

I flipped it over to drain and could not bear to touch it for 3 days.  When I finally did, I discovered that the pad no longer worked.  But that was okay, because the pad is how I damaged my shoulder, resulting in a diagnosis of acute tendinitis.

Still.  I was pretty bummed out.

And then, the final, third disaster took as its setting an angry 26 year old who drenched my MacBook Pro with water.  That, finally killed it.

So now I sit at a reconstructed computer with large blocks of my information lost.

As intended.

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