Loving Titles

I am just so into titles.
And I have no idea why.
When I began to work as a correspondent for Lerner Papers in Northwest Suburban Chicago. –

Some weird shit happened there.

The most interesting one was the perceptual error and tricks of the Brain. Or rather its resilience against conformity. The eye will see what it sees. No matter how hard someone might try to alter an Impression.

The designer was so pissed I didn’t describe his Logo as he had intended to elicit a specific response. The newspaper had to print an Apology.

And then, this really geeky editor, tall and emaciated. Blond hair. Bird Faced… And with a sense of humor.

Has already planned the Act and rushes to jump in front of you when he sees you and screws on a funny face, as says loudly:

“BETTY! You write some really long stories!”

And I’m lolling at him, trying to figure out what he’s talking about, but can’t, cause I’m frozen with Excitement.

And then he pulls a page 10 inches wide x 4 feet. The printers goofed and printed my story in headline fonts.


I was like, wow.
That is really cool.

The story was a report announcing Hoffman Estates High School receiving the “The Presidential Award For Excellence In Education”.

The first thing Brenda asked me (I was her exclusive Correspondent) was if I was interested in writing headlines, but I couldn’t find any interest there for news titles. Seemed too boring. (Bedsides I had no idea what was going on most of the time.).

Brenda always gave me interesting Assignments. She knew I liked a lot of things, especially when it came to learning and sharing lots of things, new things.

But mostly Absurdity.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

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