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“Lousy Mothers”

This one is long overdue. Personal experience led me to the subject of Lousy Mothers. I take the highest honors in this category.

And mind you.
I have no illusions that I am anything more than that.

That’s why it’s high time that we begin to honor Lousy Mothers and set aside a day to honor them each year – a lot like Mother’s Day, but real.

Our current appreciation of Mother’s Day is based on a psychological patent. The point is to activate your guilt and buy because of that.

Classic tool

And stop pretending and promoting this unrealistic idea. It’s a nice thought, but prone to confusion and arbitrary measurements, that are impossible to meet – except for those few boys who never stop loving their mother, despite her eccentric and unpredictable nature and wanting to beat the shit out her! Then maybe, she’d wake up. –

Except for those few –
We are in…
A Closeted Stage.
Time to open the door.

And embellished with wings and nauseating messages about Greatness.
(Must be a patent on that one.)

A flat out lie.
And yet.
Probably a good day for florists.


… So just to counterbalance and explain the properties of Reality versus Fiction, and make an effort to get you to open your eyes for half-a-second, blink, look…

And we should research the attributes of Lousy Mothers and see how they rank?

What makes them special?
How do they think?
How do they behave?
Are they sincere?
Do they feel a deep sense of love despite the obstacles along the way? Are they loyal?
Why do they have an Unpredictable Nature?
Are they Creative?
Sharp Thinkers?

It’s not like I’m plucking some lofty thought out of the air now, is it?
It’s there.
I can see it.
I can feel it.
I am it.

I am real.
I exist.
And others like me do as well.

No fanciful curlicues around Reality.
Gotta lay it out there as it is and not as you would prefer it to be, and carry its own flag.

We are real.

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