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Start throwing numbers at me at I have no idea whether I’m going backwards or forwards, up or down, and I will panic. So yesterday, when I started posting the series above, I noticed the number at the lower right hand corner of the page, and I’m going in my head: “Is this arithmetic problem about addition or subtraction?”  At first, I thought I had like 60 words —that many allowable on any post.  Then, the number on the bottom of the page kept changing.  But what was going up?  And what was going down?  I was confused (one of my innate gifts) and my sense of navigation, which is abysmal, wasn’t doing me any favors.  I began to feel frustrated, dizzy, and anxious.

As for editing and condensing, I have no problem doing that. I like doing that.  Mmmmm. Yummy!  So there I go, picking words here and there, and reducing the number to the least possible to fit within the criteria required. But what was the criteria?  That was the question that went unanswered yesterday.  Were we talking about the number of words?  Or the number of spaces? Eventually, I deduced (wow) it was the spaces they were counting, and not the number of words. Cause I’m thinking …  No way there’s 600 words here.  Plus, I was eating up space with the spaces between my paragraphs, and that was the evidence I had been searching for — Delete = More Space;  Add = Less Space. I sure was proud of my math skills!  At this very moment, I have used 638 words, here.  And that includes everything above, the quoted stuff from LinkedIn through here — now, 652.

In addition to that, while you are composing (WordPress also has its own formatting problems, I confess.  And I have whined and moaned about those, as well.) you are led to believe that you’re formatting, your paragraphs, will appear once published as they appeared while composing.  That’s an outright deception, however.  And I can’t stand deception!  Everything is up for grabs, once you hit that button.  Thoughts are misplaced. Sentences have gone astray.  Where are the connections?  Where are the critical breaks? And so, instead of structure and order, your thoughts come under the governance of Chaos.  Now I have no problem with Chaos —in fact, I find it rather compelling — but not when I’m writing.

And at this point, I’m just too damned tired to explain any further.  But consider this a mere pause, and not the end of …

Tight Spaces.

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