Let Them Play!

The White House recently solicited suggestions on how to deal with the obesity crisis currently affecting kids—at least I think they did.  And if they didn’t, well, I’d like to serve them a dish of my thoughts about that crisis anyway.

Having worked as a substitute teacher for many years, I had the opportunity to see classrooms of all shapes and sizes.  And even though my preferred and eventual sole focus became adolescents, I had plenty of opportunities to see the inside of elementary school classrooms.

The thing that struck me the most was this—

At a stage when kids are bubbling with energy and curiosity, what do we do with them?  We glue their arses to a chair and force their elbows to a desk—all day long.

Indeed even during lunch many are forced to eat at their desks.

This is not only unhealthy but is downright cruel.

There used to be this thing called recess.
I remember it well.

But it seems it has now been forced into extinction in the overriding effort to excel and especially test well—for we all know how valuable testing is in determining the strength of a nation—and school playgrounds now sit as a ghostly testament of the past.

Yet there is nothing as joyful as the sound of children playing and singing on a playground and perhaps nothing as nourishing—besides a healthy diet, and lots of love—for their proper development as citizens of the world.  And if we deprive children of that which they are meant to do, then eventually all will suffer.

Moving on to adolescents…
Have you ever seen the inside of a high school cafeteria?
It’s enough to make you gag.

Let the children play, President Obama.  And perhaps all those issues with obesity and low test scores will drop into extinction, instead of the health of our children.

And stop feeding them lard!

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