Las Vegas

… is actually a small town in America.  The actual community — those who have grown up together — is a small but vocal community here, influencial (can’t fucvking correct certain words here.  Lousy spellchekc==, WordPress!  I don’t know exactly what it is about them…  Who actually lives there?  Who comes out at night.  Everybody knows everybody else, rest assured of that. 

Let me see.

What has happened to me so far.



You can never forget while your in Vegas that your town — the inner one is highly vocal and interesting and forward thinking.

Damn.  I’m sure the sun has something to do with it.  Been meeting some real interesting characters from that crowd, all very different in a lot of ways, but who know that they have to live with each other for a long time so it’s not worth it to make a scene.  At the scene, I guess?  Highly fascinating.  Love it.  Getting to see how some people really are.  Yummy.

You can’t really want to hook up with everybody.  Would you?  And yet.  There you all are, knowing you have to learn how to live with each other and remain civil.  I have to add that the characters out here are fascinating.  Colorful?  Absolutely.  Interesting highly intelligent people who have a strong connection with the town they come from.  Like — I should be listening to them now, instead of Dylan!  I don’t know why but ever since I’ve come out here, I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan! —  Have no idea what his connection is to Vegas.  But there is one.  Somewhere in there.  The Killers.  Of course.  I have spent large amounts of time listening to them!  (That’s what ECT does, to your fucking memory.  It destroys it!)  Ugh.  How annoying..

I am constantly falling off cliffs.  I start articulating a sentence, which goes nowhere, or simply lose, and I walk right off the cliff and when I get back, it’s like, Fuck.  Where do I go now?  Or where am I?  So I just keep going, to the best of my ability, and hope it may some day come to me.


Fucking crazy.

Meanwhile.  Dexter is sitting on padded chair, not far from me.  Just chilling..


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