Kevin Spacey


Kevin is an intellectual feast with a twist.  I love Kevin.

I wrote something about Kevin 2 years ago.  It’s buried somewhere here on wordpress, but I can’t remember the title of that blog, only this title, which served as a category, I think.  Or something like that.  And the truth is I don’t have the energy to go into Kevin’s attributes as a thespian, though they be plentiful and abundant.

Kevin too like Edward Norton has that distinction in his voice that makes him unmistakable.  It’s kind of high for a guy, and it can go in either direction, but usually he chooses (thankfully) roles that are quirky!  I love his roles.

One of the best is the one where he played an Alien stranded in a state hospital in Manhattan.  (I liked that movie so much, I went and bought the book it was based on, and read that.  A high school History teacher, I think, wrote it.  Or maybe he taught English.  But he taught for a living in high school, wrote that book, and died young at 50.)  Well Kevin was fabulous in that role.  And despite its apparently grim plot line, the movie actually is full of hope and understanding, and it’s because of him that we see that side of it — so charismatic an actor, simply delicious.

Kevin is Zeus!

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