Jamming with Bob Marley

Bob Marley is not the kind of artist I jump out of bed wanting to listen to.

But then.
I don’t jump out of bed very often.

But he kind of scares me.
He’s so intense.
And those lyrics.
Borrowed from Garvey –

The dignity and sweetness of his voice.
Bob Marley.
He pierces you.

Consider all that.
And then consider that you were lucky enough to see him live.
But when? When was it? It was in Chicago. Small venue, theatre with a marquees. Perfect. Very cozy. Everyone was up. I keep thinking 1980. But that’s not right. More like early 70s – mid 70s.

The Aragon Ballroom.
That’s it!

The electricity was –
If you weren’t zapped before you –
You were by the time Bob Marley was done with you.

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